Yoga Teacher Training

Whoa! Can’t believe its been so long since I last posted… I have some really exciting news that I will share with you all next week!


Today I wanted to talk to you about Yoga Teacher Training. I started yoga teacher training back in March and it was sort of a snap decision. One of my best friends was also doing the training and she was scheduled to move cross country shortly after the program ended. I was already interested in the certification but not sure when I wanted to do it. The fact that this training would be an opportunity to spend more time with my BFF and experience the transformational process of teacher training with her sealed the deal for me.

The Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program we did is called Life Power Yoga. It is a brand of the mega-gym Lifetime Fitness. I fell in love with that style of yoga by taking classes from an awesome yogi named Jessie Kates. Jessie incorporates a message in each of her classes, which makes the classes speak to your mind, body and soul instead of just your body. The Life Power method involves free flow- flowing on your own, listening to your body to do what feels right for you. While this may seem like a radical idea to some, I found it really empowering. By listening to your instincts and trusting yourself on the mat, you can trust yourself to live your life more intuitively.

I have really enjoyed my YTT journey. I have developed a new found understanding and appreciation for yoga and meditation. I have a powerful message to empower others. I learned a lot about anatomy too. In addition to all of that, I feel like the stuff I have learned in YTT has helped me to become a stronger Pilates instructor. I now try to incorporate a message or focus into my Pilates classes and I have had some really positive feedback. I also try to encourage my students to be more aware of their bodies so that they learn not to depend so much on my cues and can take what they learn in class into their daily lives.

If you have ever considered becoming a Yoga instructor, I encourage you to check out the Life Power method. This process has changed my life and I would love to share that with you! Let me know if you have any questions about YTT or yoga in genereal!




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