Write Things Down to Succeed.

Things happen when you write stuff down. It’s as if the simple act of putting pen to paper gets the ball rolling. Here are four simple ways writing things down can help you succeed:

1. Write down your goals- putting your goals on paper helps bring clarity to what it is you want to achieve. It also holds you accountable, because it is no longer just in your head, it’s on paper. Coming back to a goal list can help remind you to get started and thus help you succeed.

2. Make lists of tasks you need to do– By simply writing things down you help de-clutter your mind by organizing your tasks and taking the pressure off your memory. Also, the act of crossing things off your list makes you feel accomplished and productive and encourages you to achieve more.

3. Write down your thoughts, troubles and feelings– Sometimes the act of writing things down on paper can illuminate a situation or problem and help you come up with a solution. Also, putting your problems on paper can be cathartic and help you release some of your negative energy.

4. Start a gratitude journal– Each day write down something you are grateful for and be specific. The act of focusing on positive things throughout your day will help boost your mood and getting you in the habit of focusing on the positive more often.

You can start writing things down in a way that is convenient for you. I’ve used my “notes” on my iphone and I also carry around a small notebook in my purse. Of course, blogging is a great idea too! Try making a commitment to writing down your goals and then creating a task list and a gratitude journal everyday for a month. You will be on your way to success in no time!

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