Use a Diamond to Connect you to your Center

We talk in yoga about feeling centered but what does that mean? Feeling centered means having a reference point to come back to when you feel stressed, lost, overwhelmed or unbalanced. It doesn’t mean that we are always balanced but that we have a sense of “home base” to come back to when we are feeling off. Think of one of those punching bags that is weighted at the bottom– you punch it and its sense of center is so strong it pops right back up.

In yoga we cultivate that sense of center both physically and mentally. Mentally through meditation, the ability to come back to our breath or some other anchor. Physically through a strong connection with our core. Today I want to help you find that strong connection with your core using the image of a diamond.

Make a diamond shape with your hands so that your thumbs are together and your pointer fingers are together. Place your thumbs on your belly button and your finger tips toward your pubic bone. Feel the weight of your hands on your belly. Start to imagine that the diamond shape is a real diamond. And a diamond of that size would be really heavy. Can you feel it sink a little deeper into your core? Start to make a setting for your diamond by pulling your abs in away from it and gently hugging around the side of your diamond. Let that image settle and deepen. now let the shadow of your hands and that image of the diamond remain on your belly but you can let arms lengthen out by your side.

Begin to bring awareness back to your breath– feel how with each inhale that diamond anchors in a little deeper and with each exhale the setting tightens around that diamond.


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