Unsolicited Advice

The other day my mom asked me if it was hard for me to resist giving people unsolicited diet and exercise advice. After thinking for a second, “No” I replied. When I first became a personal trainer, I thought I had all the answers and would have gladly talked your ear off about what you “should” be doing, but now I know that health is more complex.

Unsolicited Advice

First of all, no one likes unsolicited advice. It might make you think, but usually it just makes you resentful and defensive. If I start telling you how you “should” eat and exercise chances are you will just give me more excuses for what you are doing. And frankly, no one is perfect. I have my moments and I wouldn’t want someone criticizing me. We are also all in different places on our journey and for me to just look at you and “judge” what is “best” for you just doesn’t make sense.

I have also been on the receiving end of bad fitness and nutrition advice many times. From a guy telling me I needed to go deeper in my sumo squats at 5 months pregnant to the girl that told me I needed to get my calories under 1200.

When I seek out the advice of others its because I respect them and like what they have achieved. When I get random advice I usually just get annoyed.

And that’s why I am still happy to talk your ear off about all things nutrition and fitness, but only if you ask for it 😉

Whats the worst unsolicited advice you have aver received? Have you ever appreciated unsolicited advice?

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