Tough Talk

When it comes to nutrition and exercises people have tons of excuses: I’m too tired, too busy, I have no will power, I don’t have the discipline, I need to eat xyz junk food, I hate exercise. But can I be honest with you, sometimes I just want to say “suck it up buttercup.” Life is HARD. Fitting in healthy eating and exercise can be HARD, but its up to you to make it a PRIORITY.

tough love

And trust me, there are times when exercise and nutrition CANNOT be a PRIORITY. Times when you will be facing hardships that will draw your attention elsewhere, which is why I don’t judge when people can’t fit good nutrition and exercise into their lifestyle. But I can totally see through your excuses.

And you know what? By making excuses you are SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT. Because most of the time, making nutrition and exercise even a small paRt of your priorities will HELP you handle the other hard stuff you have in your life. Being fit makes you stronger, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

And I KNOW that sometimes its not just that simple. But sometimes it is. Sometimes you need to treat yourself like a child and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER. I WILL DO BETTER. I WON’T START LATER, I WILL START NOW!

So get out there and make today amazing!!