The Golden Triangle

“The golden triangle” is a Pilates concept and this week my Pilates classes focus on “the golden triangle.” I learned about it in my teacher training through Peak Pilates and I have found that it really helped me deepen my Pilates practice so I wanted to share that with you.


The golden triangle is really a way to get more pelvic floor recruitment. The three elements of the golden triangle are your inner thighs, sits bones (ischial tuberosities) and lower abs. To find your golden triangle, sit on a box. Poke your inner thighs to identify them, without moving anything, draw your inner thigh muscles together. Then, slide your hands under your seat and feel your sits bones. Draw your sits bones together (you might feel a lifting sensation). Keep drawing your inner thighs and sits bones together as you draw right inner thigh to right sits bone and left inner thigh to left sits bone. This creates a foundation for your pelvis. Draw that foundation up through your lower belly as if it were an elevator going to the first floor.

The golden triangle helps to anchor your pelvis. When you do single sided leg work, it ensures that your hips stay stable and centered. It also helps ground your hips to the carriage so that you can stabilize while moving extremities. Ideally, your golden triangle should be engaged during every exercise in your Pilates class. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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