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Hear Me Roar

hear me roar

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a great week! A friend told me a story the other day and I wanted to share it with you: There was once a lion king (no not, Disney’s Lion King, in case you

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New Years Resolutions 2017

Well… its that time of year again. Time for setting goals and making resolutions because the brand spanking new year ahead feels like a fresh start. 2016 was filled with challenges for me, but looking back on the goals I

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The beginning

getting excited about getting started

I started working on my second book with the goal of being done by February 2017. But now as I dig into the writing process and start my research I feel like this insurmountable load of work is standing in

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Goal Guide

my goals

There was a time when I never would have hired a coach. I thought that I could do everything myself. It wasn’t until I hired a coach for my bikini competitions that I realized how valuable it is to have

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Goal Check In

Can you believe the year is already almost 1/3 over? Crazy right? Seems like we were just celebrating New Years. And speaking of New Years I thought now would be a great chance to check in with my New Year’s

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Just Do It

Right now we are in the midst of a blizzard. As snow pours down and everything around me is coated in a deep blanket of snow, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of being at home. It has given

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New Years Fear

This Friday marks the day most New Year’s Resolutions die: January 15th. If you have committed to a resolution and you find your enthusiasm waning the reason might be fear. And maybe right now you are thinking, “my resolution is

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How to do more with the time you have

I know you’re busy, right? Seems like we all are. Especially this time of year. But are you really busy as you think? One of the most common excuses I hear is “I don’t have time to do that.” And

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As we slide from balmy fall into colder fall and eventually winter, as trees shift from pretty oranges, yellows and reds to barren branches, I feel changes coming. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and that will start our sprint through

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Setting Goals Before the New Year

Hi y’all! I know, I know its been a while again and I keep making excuses but this time I promise I won’t. I’ll just say sorry. The truth is, I have written a few draft posts but haven’t published

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