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Financially Flabby

Recently I have started working hard on budgeting. I have mostly been one of those types of people who **TRIES** not to spend too much money. And yet lately, at the end of the month I was left wondering where

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Its about Empowerment


Today when I went to the gym with my two young sons, a guy approached me. “As a mom with two young boys you are in great shape” he said. I wish he had stopped there. I always appreciate a

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Change your mind Change your body

I was thinking lately about what’s missing from most diet and exercise programs. You see, if you follow most diet and exercise programs, they will work. The problem is sticking to them and/or returning to a “normal” lifestyle afterward. Our

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No-No Diets

I often snack between classes. When I used to wear a Fitbit I found that I burned about the same number of calories teaching a class as I did taking a class so I definitely need to refuel when I

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5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Diet

  1. Forgoing Fat- Dietary fat plays an important role in your body. Not only does it help with satiety–feeling fuller longer, it also helps you regulate your hormones. Skipping fat will leave your hormones out of whack and make

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Patience in Fitness

Sometimes I feel like the universe is trying to beat me over the head with a message and lately I feel like that message has been patience. It hit me when I was on my date night with my husband

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Bikini Competition Diet Tutorial

So you’ve signed up for your first bikini competition or you just want to look like a bikini competitor. The most important thing you will need to focus on during your training is your diet. Exercise alone will not transform

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IIFYM vs. Eating Clean for competition diet

Hi guys! Hope you are having a great weekend! I wanted to contribute to the great debate on competition diets. If you have been involved in the fitness industry, you are probably familiar with two of the main meal plan

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