Setting Goals Before the New Year

Hi y’all!

I know, I know its been a while again and I keep making excuses but this time I promise I won’t. I’ll just say sorry. The truth is, I have written a few draft posts but haven’t published them for one reason or another. I think that the main reason is because when I started this blog it was supposed to be about fitness. It was supposed to be my way of reclaiming my identity after the birth of my son– and it worked! Shortly after starting the blog I stopped feeling so down. I felt like I had purpose again and not like I was just a milk maid. Then my fitness journey deepened when I started entering bikini competitions. I was really fascinated and engrossed in how I could be a top competitor and how I could sculpt my body. My bikini competition posts are the most popular on this blog.

My first National Competition- Still loving the competition

My first National Competition- Still loving the competition

And then I lost interest in competing.

I started doing yoga regularly and somehow my perspective changed. Why am I sculpting and modifying my body, paying hundreds of dollars just to win a plastic trophy? It stopped being fun. I started to see other ways I could make a name for myself in the fitness industry without borderline disordered eating and exercising. As a result I worried that you, my lovely readers, would stop caring about what I had to write. So I stopped writing.

Then I got pregnant again, and while at first I was feeling too sick to post and write, I am starting to feel better and in turn I am starting to feel my sense of motivation and creativity come back. I want to write for the sake of writing, to get my thoughts out there and maybe help others that struggle with the same things that I do, which brings me to today’s topic: Why do we wait to set goals until New Years?

It seems kind of silly to put all that pressure on the one time of year when we are probably exhausted from the holidays, regretting eating to much, spending too much etc. What if we made goals all year long including right before the holidays, then maybe you would have nothing to regret!

When I thought about jumping back into blogging, I considered waiting until New Year’s. Letting that date on the calendar be my fresh start. But then I considered all the time I’d be wasting and decided now was as good a time as any to get started.

For many of us I think excuses get in the way. Look closely at your excuses, sometimes they are trying to tell you something and sometimes they are just latent fears that you haven’t addressed. For example, I had been putting off promoting my new Facebook page, claiming that I was just too busy. But in reality, I could have found the 10-20 min it would have taken to set up the page. I was letting fear stand in the way: what I feared was rejection, that no one would like my page and that people would think it was stupid. When I took the leap and launched my page I had this amazing sense of courage, relief and pride. It is amazing how excuses can melt away once you face the fear hiding behind them.

Now I think it is time for me to set some goals for myself again. After I launched my book and then got pregnant shortly after, I had given myself a break, both to celebrate the victory of publishing my first book and to deal with the sickness I was feeling in early pregnancy. Now though, I know I need to get back on the horse and set some new goals for myself.

I would love it if you would join me in the goal setting process. As a fitness trainer, I have learned to help clients set goals based on the acronym “SMART”

SMART stands for:

S-Specific- Ex. I will work out 7 times a week vs. I will work out more

M-Measurable- Ex. I want to lose 10 lbs rather than I want to lose weight

A-Attainable- Do you have or can you obtain the skills, resources, knowledge to achieve your goal?

R- Realistic- Make sure your goals are realistic. For example, you most likely can’t lose 60 lbs in a month.

T-Timely- Goals need a deadline to hold you accountable

My Sweet boy doing "yoga"

My Sweet boy doing “yoga”

I think this is a really useful technique. When you are setting your goals make sure they are specific: have a timeline and are measurable and that they are realistic, but don’t be afraid to set a goal that scares you a little. To achieve something you have to step outside your comfort zone a little. The next, and often forgotten, step in setting goals is to create a pathway to achieving your goals. Saying I want to earn $10,000 by next month is a great goal, but what are you going to do to make that happen? This is SOOOOO important!!!!

I get frustrated when advice gurus give you that advice to set goals and write it down, but forget to tell you to make a plan to achieve your goal. For example, on the advice of one such guru, I wrote myself a post dated check with the dollar amount I wanted to earn and carried it around in my wallet. Guess what happened? Nothing! You can’t expect accomplishments to fall from the sky– they take hard work, planning and most importantly action!

Here are a few of my goals to give you some ideas. You’ll notice that I have goals that are related to many aspects of my life:

  1. Write a new blog at least 2 times per week
  2. Launch “The Fitness Instructor Exchange” by the end of November (super excited to share this with you!)
  3. Do something once a week to show my husband that I care about him. (this past week it was a card and his favorite chocolate bar)
  4. Spend 30 min of TV free time with my son before school each week day.
  5. Get certified to teach baby and me yoga, prenatal yoga and kids yoga by the end of 2016

What goals have you set for yourself what are your tips for staying accountable?

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