Product Review: P28 Bread!

I was super excited to find P28 bread at Wegmanns last time I went. I had been meaning to try it since I keep seeing it a competitions and in reviews on blogs and vlogs.

I was not disappointed! The bread is nice and fluffy and pretty large. It has some seed and nut pieces in it to make it a little heartier. I usually spread some peanut butter on the bread and haven’t really used it to make savory sandwiches but I think it would work for that too.

The bread also stays soft when I take it with me in my cooler, which is nice. It also tastes really good– just like real bread. My only complaint would be that it is a little tougher than regular bread (meaning harder to bite through) but that is really not a big deal to me. I eat about one slice a day and find that it is really satifying and helps fulfill carb cravings. Although the bread is a few dollars more expensive than regular loaves, I think that it is totally worth it and will continue to buy it.

I can’t wait to try the peanut butter versions when I go to my show next weekend, since the grocery store only carried the bread and flat bread.

Have you tried P28 products? What did you think?

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