They say hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes the way we experience something is all in the way we see it: our perspective. I have been thinking about this lately. If I am feeling down or struggling with something, I try to see it a different way, the best way possible. This has been extremely helpful, especially in dealing with my divorce. I could look at what my ex-husband did and get mad at him, I could think that I am an unlucky victim, but instead I choose to see it as a gift. I choose to see it as an opportunity for me to explore a different path in life, to find a love better suited for me.


Fitness is kind of like that too. You can look at working out as a burden, something else to spend your time on, hard work. You can look at healthy food as bland, disgusting or boring. OR, you can change your perspective. You can see working out as fun, exciting and challenging. You can see eating healthy as a way to nourish and celebrate your body. And which will you choose? As soon as you DECIDE to make that shift in perspective your whole life changes. Things get lighter, easier, you have more joy and fun. Because the reality is that most things are not just good or bad, most things have qualities of both good and bad and the more you can see the good the more you will find happiness in your experiences.

I have been loving fitness for so long sometimes its hard for me to remember that many people don’t share my perspective. When I work with clients it is my job to coach them into having a new perspective. And learning the ability to shift perspectives will make everything in your life better and easier.

Have you ever had a shift in perspective that changed everything for you?



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