Patience in Fitness

Sometimes I feel like the universe is trying to beat me over the head with a message and lately I feel like that message has been patience.

Brutal Athletic Woman Pumping Up Muscles With Dumbbells

It hit me when I was on my date night with my husband and we were taking a stroll in the city. We were close to a cross walk and I impatiently tugged at his arm and asked him to hurry so we could make it across the street. “What’s your rush?” He asked. We didn’t have any plans and we were supposed to be taking a “stroll” after all, not a sprint.

That’s when it hit me. I am so focused on getting from A to Z that I miss all the letters in between. I lose sight of the journey and forget to be present and really enjoy each moment for what it is. Living like that creates anxiety.

In the fitness world it seems like no one has patience. First we had 10 minute abs, then 8 minute abs now its 6 minute abs. I recently heard a promotion for a machine that could give you a total body workout in just 4 minutes. But what’s the rush?

We want to get rid of our spare tire and love handles right away but that is not reality. In fact, I believe that theĀ “secret” to getting in shape isĀ patience and hard work. It takes time to lose fat, it takes time to build muscle and rather than lamenting about the shape you are in now, why don’t you celebrate your body and the small victories and goals you achieve each day?

Short cuts are everywhere: detoxes, cleanses, steroids and weight loss drugs all exist because we have a problem with patience. But with this lack of patience also comes a lack of foresight. These quick fixes often result in compromised health and wellbeing after their use. When we dive into these “easy” options I think that it sets our expectations too high, if something doesn’t work in the first few days we are apt to give up and return to old habits.

You know that old school theory of eating less and moving more to lose weight? It works! You just have to have the patience to stick with it. Patience is a virtue for a reason. With patience comes the ability to stay in the present moment and to appreciate the journey. Without patience you miss out on all the beauty and value that comes from each step toward your goal.

Do you consider yourself a patient person?

What has been your biggest struggle on your fitness journey?

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