No More Back Pain

A few months after Pierce was born I started having some back pain. It started slowly enough, just a dull ache in my sacrum but then one night I was stretching and felt a sharp pain in my back that left me hobbling around for the rest of the evening. This shouldn’t be happening to me, I thought, I’m a Pilates instructor for crying out loud. So I started going to see an acupuncturist and a chiropractor to see what I could do about the back pain. While the acupuncture and chiropractor helped, the problem would return again.No More back pain

It was on one of my visits to a chiropractor that I had a revelation. I was talking to her about the back pain and how it was one sided and I felt it mostly when I was carrying my baby in his car seat. That’s when I realized, the back pain was probably caused by carrying the car seat ONLY on my left side. So I decided to try an experiment. I started carrying my baby and holding the car seat only on my right side. And guess what? The back pain disappeared in about a week! Duh!!

It just goes to show you sometimes our pain is caused by imbalances we create in our bodies, and rather than trying to slap a band aid on the problem, what we really need to do is examine the root cause. If you spend all day slouched over your desk, one Pilates class a week is not going to undo all the damage you have done. Its up to you to create healthy, balanced patterns in your life and to keep that sense of awareness when something does not feel right.

Have you ever realized you were causing your own pain?




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