New Years Resolutions 2016

Hi Guys! How have you all been! The New Year can be an exciting time but it can also be a depressing time. Its a time to look back on what you have done but also a time to look forward. I realized that my last post about New Years was back in 2014. Ironically, this year I am sick again (maybe its a New Years thing for me) but I was actually really proud that I have accomplished or made progress toward all of the things on my list.

Yoga Teacher Training was one of my goals for 2015

Yoga Teacher Training was one of my goals for 2015

While its important to set goals during the year, New Years is a landmark that can really help signify the need to make changes and goals. The problem is that most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions on January 15th. Does it help to make a resolution not to be one of those people ;)?

Anyway, even though I never set “formal” New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 I have accomplished a lot:

  • I got certified to teach Yoga and started teaching.
  • I met and learned from my “Pilates idol,” Rael Isacowitz
  • I created my own website and started building my e-mail list
  • I wrote a book! My guide to bikini competitions has sold over 1000 copies!

For 2016 I see a lot of changes coming and with that I am not sure how I will navigate and be able to accomplish my goals.¬†Our baby is due on May 4th and with that I will have to figure out how to balance working two jobs as a mom of 2 young boys. We also are hoping to a new house. I don’t know about you but I HATE moving, I’d almost rather have my fingernails pulled out with pliers one at a time– ok maybe I don’t hate it THAT much. But the house that seemed enormous when we moves in, now feels too small and I know that moving will be good for our family.

So here are my (career/fitness related) goals for 2016:

  1. Launch my fitness instructor podcast- I have put it off because I was feeling really nauseous at the beginning of my pregnancy but now that I am feeling better and the holidays are over I think I am ready to push forward
  2. Create another e-book for general fitness and nutrition- I would love to have a resource to send to my clients that are interested in taking their results to the next level.
  3. Host a Yoga Workshop- Hosting a workshop is something I have wanted to do for a while, I love going deeper into topics that I am passionate about and I am definitely passionate about yoga
  4. Go to a live continuing education event- I have my eyes set on Chalene Johnson’s smart success live but I may also try to attend at least a day of the Idea Personal Trainer’s East Coast conference. I always learn a lot from live events and more importantly I come back inspired! I know once the new baby comes I will most likely not go to a live event for a while…
  5. Get My Health Coach Certification- I am not sure if I will actually work as a health coach but while I know a lot about fitness and nutrition I don’t know much about how to get people change their behaviors and how to motivate them to stick to a plan. These are skills that I think will help me in everything I do.

Hope you had a fantastic 2015 and that your 2016 is even more amazing!

Did you set New Year’s Resolutions for this year?



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