New Years Fear

This Friday marks the day most New Year’s Resolutions die: January 15th. If you have committed to a resolution and you find your enthusiasm waning the reason might be fear. And maybe right now you are thinking, “my resolution is to get in shape, there is no way I fear having a fit and healthy body.” But what if your fears are so deep and buried that you don’t even realize they exist? Fears tend to manifest as procrastination, “laziness” or lack of action and those three things are probably what are holding you back from bringing your resolution to fruition.

Sometimes facing your fears is the only way to achieve your goal.

Sometimes facing your fears is the only way to achieve your goal.

I’ll give you some examples:


Resolution: Lose weight

Hidden Fear: Losing loved ones who will judge/shun me because of my healthier behavior.

Excuse: I don’t have support


Resolution: Work toward  my dream job.

Hidden Fear: If I work toward my dream job and fall short then I will have failed.

Excuse: I don’t have time to work toward my career goals.


Resolution: Get more sleep

Hidden Fear: If I go to bed early I will miss out on whats going on online or I won’t be able to watch my favorite shows.

Excuse: I’m too busy to go to bed on time.


You can see how the excuses create a security blanket around your fears. They give you a socially acceptable reason not to work toward your goals. These blanketed fears are particularly difficult to overcome because sometimes we are so caught up in our excuse we don’t even realize that we are afraid. Trust me, I have been there!

If you feel stuck with your resolutions or just in general, try to look a little deeper into the reasons that you are feeling that way. Try to see past your own excuses. The only way to overcome fear is to face it and to do that you must be aware of it.

Fitness is a great way to practice overcoming fear in a controlled environment: trying a new piece of equipment or an unfamiliar class can help you build confidence to face more fears. Building physical strength and training through discomfort helps you do the same in other aspects of your life.

Having a mentor or coach to hold you accountable also helps. Often an outsider can see more clearly through your excuses and help encourage you to face your fears.

If you have gotten stuck on your New Years Resolutions, don’t give up see what you can do to face your fears and keep going!



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