My Top 3 Fitness Tips

top 3 fitness tips

I have spent a good chunk of my life learning about fitness and nutrition. There is so much valuable information out there, but if you asked me what my top 3 tips were for creating a fit life here you go:


  1. You can’t out train a bad diet- The most common question I get asked as a fitness instructor is “what can I do to get rid of this fat here.” In all honesty, you cannot spot reduce fat. If you want to find out more, check out my post on how to get rid of stubborn fat. The average 30 minute workout for a 155 lb person burns about 133 calories. Thats fewer calories than a Quest bar, fewer calories than most bottled protein shakes out there– and those are considered the “good” foods. Don’t even get me started on alcohol and junk food. If you want to lose weight and you are serious about it, start by taking a good hard look at what you eat!
  2. Listen to your body- I have seen people do some crazy things at the gym, and I don’t mean in a good way, I mean in the “I can’t watch because they are about to injure themselves” type of way. To myself I am thinking “there is no way that can feel good on their body.” Have you ever done an ab exercise and only felt it in your neck? How about squats, which are a great glute exercise, have you ever done them and only felt your knee joint? These are signs that you are probably not doing the exercise right. We are so disconnected with our bodies in this modern society, but it really is worth it to get in touch with your body and to learn when things feel right and when they feel like you are about to injure yourself. If you are having trouble with this aspect, a reputable trainer will be well worth the investment.
  3. Create healthy habits for yourself- Schedule in exercise just as you would an important meeting. Giving your health priority will actually help other areas of your life improve and the consistency of scheduling in exercise will help you stick to your healthy habits. Do something similar with your diet by getting in the habit of eating healthy foods. If you stick to eating certain amounts of food at certain times, it automatically helps you control quality and quantity of food intake, which as I mentioned in tip #1, is essential.

These are just my top three tips and of course I have many more. If you would like to learn more about getting healthy, losing weight or changing your body shape set up an appointment to work with me.

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