My Health and Fitness Goals

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If you are a health and fitness professional, it can sometimes be assumed that you are “perfect” with your exercise and nutrition. However, as a fitness professional, I can tell you that while in general we are more aware and try to be as healthy as possible, no one is PERFECT. Me included. That’s why there are always things that I am working improving. So here are my health and fitness goals lately:

  1. Less Artificial Sweetners- People who know me know that Splenda is my guilty pleasure. I use it in my tea, oatmeal, protein shakes and pretty much anything else that is sweet. But with recent reports that sucralose (the main ingredient in Splenda) has been linked to cancer in mice, I think its about time that I quit this habit. My plan is to slowly switch to stevia, then trickle down the amount that I use until I am not using any sweetener.
  2. Cook More- I was pretty good about cooking regularly– until Pierce was born. I kept up with cooking the first few weeks he was born, but then once I started having trouble breastfeeding, my priorities switched from my nutrition to his and most of my time got sucked into a pumping, feeding, supplementing cycle. I still meal prep at the beginning of the week, but cooking fresh healthy meals nightly is something I’d like to start again.
  3. Build Muscle- During my pregnancy with Pierce, I kept lifting weights, but I significantly reduced the amount of weight I was lifting. I also took more breaks and did more cardio. That led to a back slide of all the muscle I had built and I ended up weighing less after pregnancy than I did going into it! (I know, don’t hate). Building muscle doesn’t have to mean looking manly, it means sculpting the body you want and that is my goal. I’m hoping to add about 5lbs of muscle over the next year– mostly in my glutes 😉
  4. Heal my Diastasis- A Diastasis is a separation of your abdominal muscles that usually occurs during pregnancy. I developed a diastasis when I was pregnant with Cyrus, my older son. It didn’t really get much worse when I was pregnant with Pierce, but I’d really like to try to resolve it with exercise. That means I’ve been really focusing on Transverse Abdominis (TVA) work. I am also going to take the Diastasis Recti and Core Consultant Course in a few weeks to pick up some new techniques.
  5. Work on my squat form- Lately, I have been trying to build my strength while performing a full range of motion squat– that is sitting my hips all the way down to my heels. When I do this, I can see and feel imbalances in the strength of both my hips and outer thighs. I hope that by working on my form I will be able to minimize these imbalances

Do you have health and fitness goals? What are they? Did you know that tracking your progress helps going to the gym become a habit?

If you are interested in working on your goals together, contact me, I’d love to help!



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