Let’s Lift Each Other Up

Hi Guys!

Hope you are having a great week! Maybe you saw this interview I posted the other day where I was featured in the Daily Mail Australia. Well after being super excited about the feature, I scrolled down the page and started reading all the nasty comments. Whoa. That burst my bubble.

strong women

My main goal is to help others lead a healthy lifestyle. I know I’m not perfect but I have figured out a lot about this health and fitness stuff and I am constantly seeking to learn more. It is my passion to share what I know with you and hopefully help you in some way! So to see people call me “vain,” tell me I had no right to offer diet and exercise advice and suggest that selfies were more important to me than the well being of my son really hurt. But I get it. The sub headline ‘pregnancy is not an excuse to be lazy and pig out’ maybe that came out a little wrong… But holy judgement Batman, all I meant was that we should prioritize health and fitness especially during pregnancy, when we are taking care of another life!

Sadly, I see this type of judgement mostly coming from women to other women and its not limited to the fitness world. The recent gorilla parenting fiasco shows how quick we are to judge. Why can’t we approach each other with compassion and understanding instead of judgement and distrust? Why can’t we lift each other up instead of putting each other down?

When we judge others we are the cause of our own insecurity. Lets drop the negativity and support each other!

Have you ever felt judged?




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