Inner Strength

Hi Guys! Hope your week is going well. Without going in to too much personal detail I will say that the last few weeks have been incredibly hard for me and its not just the normal stress of dealing with a newborn. But today as I left the gym I was reminded of why I truly love fitness and working in my passion.

Physical strength to inner strength

Today was even more stressful than usual and as I headed to the gym I felt like Eeyore with a grey cloud over my head. I didn’t even really feel like working out but I had scheduled the time and the child care so I figured I would at least show up and try to do something. After about 5 minutes on the stair master listening to my “Pump me up” playlist, the cloud had not only lifted from my head but I was beaming rays of sunshine (figuratively). As I got deeper into my workout the physical sense of strength I felt translated into inner strength. I felt more powerful and happier with each repetition. Those endorphins are no joke.

They say that exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant. If more people focused on how good you could feel after you workout instead of the difficulty of the actual workout I think we would be more fit AND happy. Exercise has the amazing ability not only to transform your body but to also help transform your mindset. I really believe in health and fitness as a catalyst for more profound life changes. For me and for many of the other people I have had the opportunity to coach or instruct, exercise is a stepping stone to creating a better life. When you exercise and build strength, you feel better physically and mentally, you build self worth and inner strength. So if you haven’t gotten your workout in today, what are you waiting for?



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