In the News: Fat Shaming

Have you guys seen this photo?

via Maria Kang’s Facebook

Oh you know, the mom that made headlines and stirred up controversy by apparently “fat shaming” regular women.

I saw this photo before I heard about the controversy and felt like it was a motivational, inspirational and awesome image. My exact thought was, “Hell Yeah!” After all, “having a baby is not an excuse” is basically my mantra. I am constantly amazed at people who comment to me that I  don’t look like I’ve had a baby. Its as if having a baby automatically means you have to look pregnant for the rest of your life. That is simply not true. Although your body does change with pregnancy, you can still get in great shape.

That said, I know that having a six pack is not every mom’s priority and I can totally respect that. I don’t think that this mom meant to shame anyone. I simply think that she wanted to inspire women and show them that there is still hope for getting in shape even after multiple pregnancies.

Jillian Michaels did a really interesting podcast on this the other day. She said that no one can make you feel something about yourself that is not already living inside you. That is, the people who feel ashamed, already have body shame for themselves or they wouldn’t have interpreted this photo in a negative way.

I saw another commenter say that you would never see a guy accuse another guy of “fat shaming” and I have to say that I think that is true.

What do you think? Do you think this mom was a “fat shaming” bully? Do you think this is a women-only issue? Do you agree with Jilllian Michaels? I’d love to hear your opinion!

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One comment on “In the News: Fat Shaming
  1. Definitely a “women-only issue” — or more correctly, a “jealous women issue”.

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