Hitting a Plateau

If you stick with a healthy lifestyle long enough, its likely that you will hit a plateau at some point. You reach a point where you are putting in the same amount of work but no longer seeing results. This can be VERY frustrating. Especially if you feel like you are already dieting and exercising to extremes.

getting past a plateau

Instead of seeing plateaus as a road block, I want you to start seeing them as an opportunity for growth and change. A plateau is usually a sign that your body has adapted to the stimulus you have been subjecting it to. Therefore, to get over your plateau, you don’t necessarily need to do MORE, but you do need to do something DIFFERENT.

That’s why plateaus are an awesome opportunity. If you find your weight loss or physique goals stalling try something new. Here are a few suggestions you can try:

  1. Trying a new type of workout- If you are a runner and you only run, try mixing it up with strength training. If you usually do yoga, try a kickboxing class instead. Changing the type of stimulus can really jolt your body back into responding. Also, mixing it up can be good mentally. Sometimes a plateau means you are putting in minimal effort to complete a familiar routine, trying something new ensures you can’t “cheat.” I love doing this. I recently took a boxing class with a friend and love checking out new fitness classes or formats.
  2. Change the sets/reps/weights/tempo- If you always lift using 4 sets of 10-12 reps try mixing it up. Recently I have been getting great results on a 5×5 strength plan. If you always lift at a 1:1 tempo try slowing it down or speeding it up. Have you been lifting the same amount of weight lately? It might be time to increase the weights you are using.
  3. Check your diet- Nutrition is a HUGE factor in weight loss and physique goals. When your progress stalls checking in with your diet is a great place to start. Have you been splurging more often? Have you loosened your control on your portion sizes? If your calories have been stagnant try calorie or carb cycling. If you’ve been doing low carb for a while, try adding carbs back in. If you’ve had calories too low for a long time, you might be sabotaging your metabolism. Trying something new could also help reinvigorate your commitment.

Plateaus happen, so instead of getting frustrated, use them to try something new. You might surprise yourself and end up loving what you discovered.

Have you hit a plateau? What did you do to get over it?