Hear Me Roar

Hi Guys!

Hope you are having a great week! A friend told me a story the other day and I wanted to share it with you:

There was once a lion king (no not, Disney’s Lion King, in case you were wondering…) and his little lion cub (no, not Simba). The lion king was taking the little cub out for the first time to show him around his kingdom. All of a sudden, a hunter appeared and shot the big lion king. The cub was devastated and began to cry.

hear me roar

Along came a shepherd who saw the dead lion king and took pity on the little cub. He wanted to help the cub, but he was worried that if he took the cub home, it would eat his sheep when it grew up. Then the shepherd got an idea, he would shave the lion and make him believe that he was a sheep so that he could integrate with his herd. So the shepherd took the lion home and shaved him. When the cub was introduced to the flock, the other sheep made fun of him, they called him ugly and told him he was weird.

As years passed the lion lost confidence and thought he was just a misfit sheep. He felt sad and lonely. Then one day, another lion came and started devouring the sheep. When the new lion reached the lion cub, the lion cub cowered. “Please don’t eat me, I’m just a helpless sheep he said.” “No,” said the other lion, “you are a lion like me. You are my king, you have been lost, I have been looking for you.” He took the cub down to the river to look at his reflection. As the cub looked at his reflection he realized that he was indeed a lion. He had been told he was a sheep for so long, that he believed it.


That story resonated with me. Have you ever believed that you were a “sheep.” Have you ever believed that you couldn’t go after your dreams because you weren’t good enough, have you ever believed that you’d never lose weight because you are destined to be fat, have you ever believed that you just weren’t born to be courageous. We often falsely develop these self dismissing beliefs. Like the lion in the story we let others tell us what we are capable of. Well guess what? I think we all have a little lion in us. We are capable of so much more, we just have to pull the wool from our eyes (pun intended). So get out there and make today amazing you lions and lionesses…

Do you have any beliefs that are holding you back?




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