Hard Stuff

hard stuffIn these past few months I have dealt with the birth of my second baby, discovering my husband’s infidelity, going through the divorce process and learning how to live life as a single mom. This has been hard, hard stuff. I spent the first 2 months in total shock and devastation over the affair and the loss of my marriage and family as I had known it. After my initial devastation, I bounced back to a more normal place. I am back to being generally happy and optimistic, I have accepted the loss of my marriage and moved on. But continues to shake my world is how hard life has been on my own. There’s no one to help me take care of the kids when I am feeling sick or tired. There’s no one to help me with the little mundane tasks that add up like washing dishes, taking the car to the shop, calling the insurance company, or getting the dry cleaning done. There’s no one to share in the little funny things my kids do or say each day. And that is hard. But I persevere.

Physically it is a lot of work to take care of two small children by yourself– and that is hard. I feel fortunate that I am fit, because really I don’t know how else I would be able to get everything done. I am unsure how much of this “hard stuff” is just what comes with having a second child and how much is actually being a single parent. Maybe I am blessed that I don’t know. That I can live in this ignorance and think to myself: “this is just how it is with a second child.” And oh how I wanted that second baby.  I am thankful everyday for Pierce and I would go through all of this again just to have him with me. And that is hard. But I persevere.

Fitness is kind of like that too. When you are working out you do a lot of “hard stuff.” Exercising can get uncomfortable and you need that discomfort to create change in your body. The problem is, some people feel the pain or discomfort and give up. Don’t give up. Keep putting in the hard work, and you will reap the benefits. You will start to have more energy, to feel and look better, to get stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

So even on cold windy days like today, go get some exercise in. And that is hard. But I know you will persevere.



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