Hard Decisions

Hi Guys! I can’t believe its been over a month since I last posted. I have been so consumed with the selling of my house and everything related. I finally got an offer and I’m looking forward to closing on my old house and moving in to my new house in about a month! Holy cow. Did I say in about a month? It feels like that move is speeding toward me like a bullet train. I hate moving. BUT I am excited to start fresh. Here’s the catch though, I still haven’t found a house to move into! I know… crazy right? There are two houses I am trying to decide between and my anxiety is at an all time high. I feel like I am at one of those major turning points in my life where whatever decision I make will literally change the course of my life.

hard decisions

So how have I been trying to make this decision? Well, in the past I have based my decision on a “gut feeling” I run through pros and cons and then I think about what each choice would be like and the option that gives me the best “feeling” is the one I choose. This time though, my boyfriend has encouraged me to be a little more “scientific” in my decision making. So in addition to making a pros and cons list, I have been taking a hard look at the numbers: my budget, the price of the houses, the potential resale value, cost of renovations, distance from the key places in my life. I have found this process interesting and helpful in someways, but it has still been hard to make a decision.

Maybe that is just the nature of making hard decisions. You can look at all the information and facts but when it comes down to it, your intuition plays the biggest role in your decision making. I have found a few ways to tap into my intuition effectively:

1. Meditation- I have written about the benefits of meditation before. Meditation, the practice of focusing in on something, usually the breath, has been tremendously effective in helping me connect to my “inner wisdom.” As woo-woo as that might sound, there is something to quieting the mind that allows it to solve latent problems. When I meditate, answers to hard problems I am facing sometimes just come to me.

2. Writing- Whenever I get stuck on a decision, I turn to my journal (or blog) I write for a while and usually, by the end of writing I know what to do.

These are my go to strategies for making decisions, but interestingly sometimes decisions have their own ways of working out regardless of what I think or decide.

How do you make hard decisions? Do you have a go-to strategy? Do you believe in intuition or do you think decisions should only be made based on facts?



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