Happy Birthday!

My little boy just turned 4 today! Each birthday makes me realize how fast time is flying by. It is crazy that kindergarten is just a year away. Meanwhile, he still feel like my little baby. I started this blog when Cyrus was 5 months old. It was a place for me to exercise my creativity and to share my love and knowledge of fitness with others.


Baby Cyrus

Baby Cyrus just a few days old

4 year old Cyrus

4 year old Cyrus

Being a mom has taught me a lot: About the value of life, about my values, about who I am and what is important to me. I think about becoming a mom as going through one of those old rock tumblers.


Remember those? I can feel my rough edges getting sanded away. I can feel myself becoming less selfish and more conscious of the world around me. I can feel myself getting polished. Motherhood has been one of the greatest gifts and toughest challenges of my life. Interestingly, I often think about how fitness and motherhood are related. They both take the same skill set, which was not obvious to me at first but is becoming more and more clear:

  1. Discipline- When it comes to parenting it takes a lot of discipline. It is so much easier to give your kids junk food when they want instead of getting them to sit down to eat healthy meals. It’s easier to let your kid plop down in front of the TV then engaging with them in play. Those are the moments when you need discipline, because even though in the short term it might seem easier, in the long run the results you are going to see in your child will suck. This is huge in fitness as well, half of the battle is showing up and putting in work day after day even though the progress is small and it may seem easier in the moment to skip the gym.
  2. Consistency- Sure we all make mistakes both in fitness and in parenting. But overall if you can maintain consistency for your child they will know what to expect, they need structure because it helps them learn how to act. Same thing in fitness, rocking a workout or diet once a month is not going to make a huge change in you physique, but consistently eating healthy and exercising will.
  3. Patience- We all know that small children require a lot of patience. On the days when I am stressed out I have to remind myself not to take that frustration out on my son. Kids are learning, and although they may make mistakes, it is up to us as parents to stay patient and encourage them to try again. Fitness also takes patience. Every one wants instant results in the shortest amount of time but that is just not the reality. You put in the work and little by little you will start to notice changes in your body and health.

I can think of many more ways, but I would love to hear from you. How has being a mom changed you?

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