Groundhog’s day

Today is my anniversary to my husband from whom I am divorcing. Today is also groundhog’s day. This made me think of the movie groundhog’s day. In the movie, Bill Murray’s character Phil is forced to relive groundhog’s day over and over again until he learns to re-prioritize his life. As he realizes that he is living the same day over and over again he starts to live recklessly, then he becomes depressed at the hopelessness of the situation and tries to commit suicide, but it doesn’t work. He just wakes up to repeat the day again. Finally, he uses the repeated day as an opportunity to learn, to grow and to help others with his knowledge of how the day will unfold and through this, he is finally able to move on and wake up in a new day.

groundhogs day

I kind of see my marriage and divorce like this. Of course my marriage had problems, some I worked to change, some I couldn’t change and some I chose to ignore. Now with my divorce I get a second chance. This is my groundhog’s day. I get a chance to learn from my mistakes in the past to try to grow and change and make things better. If I don’t use this chance to change and grow, I am doomed to repeat my mistakes and end in another failed relationship.

Sometimes having to start over can feel burdensome. It can feel exhausting and dull like you wasted all of that effort only to have to start again. Don’t see it like that. See it like a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to learn and grow, because only when you learn the lessons of the past, will you stop repeating them.

What lesson have you had a second chance to learn?



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