Sometimes it can seem like the people we admire got where they are because they are lucky. However, in reality there is usually a lot of hard work behind that success. I was reminded of that the other day when I watched the story of Autumn Calabrese. She is a Beach Body “fitness celebrity.” As a fellow single mom who has achieved substantial success in the fitness industry, she is someone I look up to. I would often look at her success and think, “she’s really lucky, she has it all.” But in listening to her tell the story of how she got there I realized that luck has nothing to do with it, she made lots of sacrifices and worked her ass off.
It’s easy to make the same assumptions about fitness. You see someone with a great body and you think they got lucky or it’s just their genetics. But rarely is that the case. Having a great shape comes from putting in consistent work at the gym and consistently eating healthily.

Too often, we start an exercise program or a diet and give up because we don’t get the results we want right away. Instead, we need to push through the doubt and trust the process. Because it is a process, and sometimes it will feel like you are crawling, sometimes it will feel like you have stopped and sometimes out of the blue it will feel like you are making great strides. Don’t give up. Trust the process. Stick with it. Success takes hard work and the .grit to keep going even when the going gets tough.



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