I love seeing the leaves turn color in fall. Not only does it make for a beautiful landscape, but I think it is a powerful analogy for the impermanence of life.


This year my summer was marked by some big changes: the birth of baby Pierce and filing for divorce from my husband. I was grateful for the long warm days that allowed me to spend time outside, thinking. The warmth comforted me as I grieved and adapted to the losses and changes that I experienced. There was so much joy over the birth of my baby, but so much sadness over the crumbling of my family as I knew it.

Now it is fall. Big blue skies are punctuated by wispy, wind-blown clouds. The bright colors of the leaves and cooler weather make me feel at peace. I am reminded by the changing of seasons how life keeps moving, how just like the seasons, feelings are impermanent. In the 6 short months since baby Pierce was born so many things have changed and I now feel a sense of hopefulness and gratitude. I am blessed in so many ways and although some things may be “lost,” that “loss” has made room for more abundance in my life.

When you are going through something difficult, try to find the good in it. Because trust me, there is good: a way to help others, a lesson to be learned, a new opportunity. As hard as it might be, focus on that good, because feelings are impermanent. The negative will pass and the good will get you through and eventually the good will pass too, because that is life. Life is not just the “good times” it is all these crazy times in between too and there is value in each moment.

Where ever you are on your fitness and health journey, note that it is impermanent too. When you are a beginner and feeling like you will never get stronger or lose the weight, know that this stage will pass and be grateful that it will give you perspective to help others navigate the same challenges later. When you are on the top of your game, know that injuries and illnesses can happen and be grateful for the strength you feel. Each moment gives us a new opportunity to be grateful and to make the best of our time here on earth. That gratitude is especially relevant this month as we transition out of election season and approach Thanksgiving. There is so much to be grateful for. Your energy and mindset create your reality, so what will you choose?



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