Gift Ideas for Fit Chicks

The Holidays are quickly approaching and if you haven’t finished shopping yet, here are some great gift ideas for fit girls (or guys) in your life.

1. Shaker – Bonus points if you throw in their favorite protein powder or pre-workout ($5-$10)


2. Yoga Mat – Even if she doesn’t do Yoga, an exercise mat can be used for stretching, abs and tons of other things. ($8-$40)

3. Workout Gloves – No girl wants alligator hands. Protect your fit princess’s paws with a new pair of workout gloves. Chances are, even if she already has a pair they are smelly and gross and need an upgrade.($15-$40)

4. Arm Band – If your fit girl NEEDS music to get through her workout, she definitely NEEDS a good way to transport it. An arm band is a great gift because even if she already has one, just like workout gloves, arm bands tend to get sweaty and gross quickly so a new one is always welcomed! ($10-$40)

5. Beats By Dre – These headphones are “life-changingly” good. I’ve been crushing on this pair with no cords to get tangled up while you work out. ($79-$379)

6. Fancy Foam Roller – What girl doesn’t need a good massage? Fancy foam rollers with pressure points for myofascial release act like a deep tissue massage. Check out this one, which you can┬ácustomize with a picture or writing. ($75)

7. Jacket From LuluLemon- I love Lululemon but I especially love their jackets. Not only are they super warm and practical, but they also seem to be universally flattering. I have a couple, but they change each season and I have been eyeing this one. ($198)

Fluff Off Jacket

8. Gift Certificate to Favorite Fitness Place- Does your girl have a passion for a particular pilates place or is she a committed cross fit community member? A gift certificate to her favorite fitness studio is sure to be a hit.

9. Resistance Bands- Resistance bands are my favorite “portable torture devices.” They are great for a quick workout at home or while travelling. ($7-$20)

10. Fitness Tracker- Fitness trackers are popping up like crazy lately. You can check out my review of the FitBit, which I loved or try one of the other devices out there. These are great for your fit check who is also into technology! ($40-$99)

Any other suggestions? What do you want for Christmas?

2 comments on “Gift Ideas for Fit Chicks
  1. A massage gift certificate to soothe her hard worked muscles!

  2. fitval says:

    Great idea! I know I could use one of those!

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