Get Motivated!

“How do I get motivated?” is probably one of the most common questions I get asked right after: “how do I lose this fat here [points to body part]?”


Some people just seem to wake up with motivation to exercise and for others it’s a struggle. It’s common for everyone to have off days where they just don’t feel like working out. But if your “off days” have turned into an “off month” or “off years.” You might need a little help.
Here are my top tips for getting and staying motivated to exercise:
1. Schedule it in:
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. There is something about having the workout scheduled in that cements it in your mind that you will make it happen. If you go through your day thinking “I’ll workout if I can find the time tonight” you probably won’t ever get to it. If you go through your day thinking “I am going to workout at 7pm tonight” you probably will! Consistency is also key. When you come to workout every week at the same time it becomes a habit, which requires less will power to maintain.
2. Think of how good you’ll feel:
One of the reasons people who love to workout enjoy it, is because they aren’t focused on how hard the workout is going to be, they are focused on how awesome the endorphins are going to make them feel. When you are planning to work out, try changing your focus from how much it’s going to hurt to how awesome you will feel once it’s over!
3. Change your mindset:
Instead of thinking “I have to exercise” think “I get to exercise.” The subliminal messages we send ourselves are powerful! Start thinking of exercise as your “me time” and start telling yourself that you are excited to work out and eventually your mind and heart will follow.
4. Find something you love:
There are so many forms of exercise from Crossfit to water skiing, chances are there is something out there that you will love. Don’t give up on exercise just because that Zumba class wasn’t your thing. Keep trying different activities until you find your workout soul mate. Remember, it doesn’t have to be traditional gym exercise. Recreational activities and sports totally count!
5. Find an accountability buddy:
Get your BFF to work out with you. Chances are, if you have scheduled to meet someone to exercise, you will be more likely to keep your appointment. Be careful who you choose though, a flaky friend  who cancels all the time may be even more demotivating.
6. Create a killer playlist:
I LOVE the “power workout” playlist on Spotify at the moment, but choose whatever music really pumps you up. Slow melodic ballads won’t do, find something that makes you want to run fast and throw weights around. Sometimes I go into the gym with no motivation and a great playlist can push me to do my best.
7. Find a great pre-workout:
There are times when you are just plain old short on energy. Be careful of getting too much caffeine, but sometimes a little boost of caffeine is all you need to transform your workout from lame into lively. A pre-workout usually has BCAAs, caffeine or other energizers and creatine. One of my favorite things to drink pre-workout is amino energy.
7. Commit to 10 minutes:
On the days you really don’t feel like working out, commit to doing 10 minutes. If by the end of the ten minutes you still aren’t feeling it, you can leave, but chances are, after 10 minutes you will want to keep going!
Are you one of those self motivated people or not? What do you do to get motivated?
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