Freddy bootylicious pants

Hi guys!

I’ve been in a shopping mood lately. Sometimes its hard to tame the beast…. Anyway, I found this super cool new store called “Freddy.” (I swear they have not compensated me for this testimonial, I just seriously fell in love with their product).  They just opened their first US location at a local (Montgomery) mall.

I saw the store when I was at the mall picking up a few fall wardrobe items for Cyrus and I immediately fell in love with the style of their pants, specifically the WR.UP pants. Here is the description directly from their website “The exclusive WR.UP® technology enhances your femininity through a shaping and embracing action on buttocks, thighs and waist, providing a perfect shaping effect on the most delicate points of your legs.” (

The first thing I noticed was the back stitching and how unique and flattering it looked, but when I tried a pair on, I was even more impressed by the fact that the pants actually do what the website says. The fabric around the butt is a little thicker and it definitely creates a little lift. The fabric is also awesome because it is jersey material so its super comfortable and stretches to hug and flatter curves.

I bought a pair of grey-ish denim pants and can’t wait for their blue denim line to arrive at the store. Although they are a little more expensive, I am totally willing to splurge since quality items usually lasts me a long time. They also sell exercise gear which is cute and flattering and is a little more reasonably priced.

Check them out!

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