It’s 3 days past the first day of school and I just took my first day of school pic for Cyrus. There is no fancy chalkboard proclaiming his age class and favorite things to do. It’s just in iPhone pic I snapped between loading his lunchbox into the front seat and yelling at him for the 89th gazillion time to get in his car seat.


I am decidedly NOT a Pinterest mom. Those pins give me anxiety. I have mucho respect for moms that can pull off that stuff, but I must admit, it’s just not me.

But part of me suspects that even the moms that manage to “pull it off” have their own struggles in making it look “so perfect.” And that got me thinking about something. Often times the image we present on social media is NOT REAL.

For example, I might post pictures of myself enjoying the beach with my newborn, but I didn’t post pictures of a stressed out me struggling by myself with two large suitcases, a stroller and a backpack. Isn’t it reasonable to assume we are all like this?

We record the good times,we present our best self, creating a skewed image. An image that often inspires envy and dissatisfaction in others, although that may not be the intent. I’m all about putting your best foot forward and staying positive but I’m also all about being REAL. And I feel like there is an epidemic of FAKE out there. Especially in the fitness industry. But I’m not pointing fingers. The solution doesn’t lie in changing what’s out there, it lies within. It’s up to you to be smart when you view social media or any media for that matter. We don’t live in a censored world and we will never be able to control what others put out there, but we can control what we believe about ourselves.

When you see something that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t waste time comparing your inside to other people’s outside. Almost no one is as happy and care free as they seem. We all have our own issues and struggles. So learn to love your life and find happiness without comparing yourself to others. Because at the end of the day you have to live YOUR life so make it the best damn life that you can!



P.S. if part of leading the best life means achieving health and fitness goals contact me. I would love to help you on your journey!

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