Do you pee during workouts?

At the gym today an completely embarrassed myself when I was doing my plyometrics and let go of a little pee. I know, har dee har har, right? For the record, I don’t think anyone could tell because it didn’t really show through my black pants, and I don’t think it smelled too much, but it was enough for me to lose my drive and call it quits a little early.

Well ironically when I got home I saw this video posted on facebook:

Apparently I am not the only one.

SO question for you guys… have you every peed your pants during a really tough workout? Have any tips to avoid it?

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9 comments on “Do you pee during workouts?
  1. Reblogged this on Odd and commented:
    I can totally relate…Unfortunately.

  2. fitval says:

    Glad I am not alone 🙂

  3. It’s always nice to know. Haha. I enjoyed your post so much I had to repost it 🙂

  4. coachdanidee says:

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    This is so comical. Traumatizing no doubt, but hilarious nonetheless. Fortunately for me, this has not happened yet, but I am sure when I ever brave up and try CrossFit, it will probably be a more-than-likely scenario.

  5. nomayne says:

    I do when I jump and run. So I always wear pantiliners. Without one, I feel vulnerable!

  6. No, I’ve never peed during a workout. However, I showed this article to my wife and she said, “Haven’t those women ever heard of Kegel exercises?”

  7. fitval says:

    lol I actually do Kegels! maybe I should do them more often…

  8. Denisse R. says:

    I haven’t during a workout (yet) but I used to pay roller derby and it’s not uncommon for girls to get hit so hard or hit the track so hard that they pee a little. We’d just shrug it off and keep skating.

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