Dealing With Grief

Something very sad and unexpected happened today. A friend’s 4 month old baby was found unresponsive during the middle of the night and they just had to take him off life support today. My heart is breaking for that family. I cannot help but imagine how that would feel.

My son is so precious to me I can’t imagine having to deal with the grief of losing him. After a good long cry, I am sending prayers to the family and also making sure that I spend a little more time treasuring my son. Kissing his sweet face more often, hugging him a little tighter, getting mad less often and making sure I spend each day letting hm know I love him and am grateful for him.

If you have children or really any loved ones in your life make sure you treasure them, because you never know when you may not see them again.


If you are grieving the loss of a child my thoughts go out to you.


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