As we slide from balmy fall into colder fall and eventually winter, as trees shift from pretty oranges, yellows and reds to barren branches, I feel changes coming. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and that will start our sprint through the holidays and in less than two months we will be in the dead of winter with the holidays a distant memory behind us.

Little man is changing and growing faster than I can comprehend!

Little man is changing and growing faster than I can comprehend!

I talked a lot about getting started on goal setting early in my post on setting goals before the new year. One way I cope with changes in life is to create a plan for myself to move forward. That way, as things are changing around me, I feel like I am moving forward rather than getting caught up in chaos.

At a party over the weekend I had a chance to talk to a man who had gone through religion school and wanted to become a priest. Not knowing much about becoming a priest I listened as he described how hard it was to find a job as a priest and how he had tried or thought of trying many other occupations to little success. What became clear to me while I was listening is that the man had given up hope before he even took a step forward in many of these cases. You know the feeling…. you would love to get that job with that awesome consulting firm but you never apply because in your head you have already disqualified yourself: “I don’t have the right experience,” “They’re probably not hiring right now,” “I’m sure they have a million applicants why even bother.”

What we are really doing when we create this mental barrier, is protecting ourself from rejection. If we never apply we don’t have to worry about hearing the word “No” from others but what we don’t often realize is that we are telling ourselves “No” without really giving ourselves a chance in the first place.

I am no stranger to this behavior. I stalled a long time on my podcast in part because I feared that I would face rejection– no one would like it, I’d have no listeners. But you know what? Setting those goals helped me. It helped me make small steps toward making the ultimate launch. Steps like launching my Facebook page for Fitness Instructor Exchange, which is where the podcast will live. Steps like scheduling interviews and editing podcasts.

As the holidays swirl by you at a dizzying pace, don’t get trapped into inactivity. Just as the seasons change, the world changes, your life changes; set goals and take steps towards them and in that way you will be able to help guide the changes in your life.

If another year passes and you are where you are now physically, emotionally, financially, will you really be happy with that lack of progress? Start making your own positive changes now and see you far those small baby steps will take you!



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