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Financially Flabby

Recently I have started working hard on budgeting. I have mostly been one of those types of people who **TRIES** not to spend too much money. And yet lately, at the end of the month I was left wondering where

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Working with a Health Coach

working with a health coach

Have you been wanting to lose that last 5-10 lbs? Have you finally decided you are ready to achieve your dream body but have know idea how to get there? Have you had a recent health scare and want to

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How to Do a Pull-Up

How to do a Pullup

One of the markers of strength is the ability to do a pull up, and it’s a big goal for many women. A few years ago I couldn’t do a pull-up but I made it one of my goals and

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Healthy Habits


One of the ways healthy people succeed at being healthy is by developing healthy habits. Habits take willpower out of the equation, which is great, because each day we have a limited amount of willpower. People often blame their inability

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Bikini Competition Plans

After competing in 6 shows over 2 years and writing me ebook “Secrets of the Bikini Competitor” you may be wondering if I plan on competing this year. Actually, I’m not even sure!       At the end of last

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How I Wrote a Book!– Plus FREE Bonus

So…. Maybe you have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while? It’s because I have been working on writing a book!! After doing a bunch of competitions I realized that there were no really good books or guides to

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Bikini Competition Diet Tutorial

So you’ve signed up for your first bikini competition or you just want to look like a bikini competitor. The most important thing you will need to focus on during your training is your diet. Exercise alone will not transform

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Post Competition Binge/Depression

Anyway, today I wanted to do a little post on post-competition blues/binging.

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Preparing for a Photoshoot

One of my goals for this year was to do a fitness photo shoot to document the hard work that I have put into my body. Luckily my coached helped me schedule a group photo shoot (to reduce the costs)

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Is the Fitness Industry Broken?

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a great week! I know I have! I went to New York this past weekend to visit a friends and take some fitness classes. They have some really kick @$$ fitness classes in New

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