Bikini Competition Plans

After competing in 6 shows over 2 years and writing me ebook “Secrets of the Bikini Competitor” you may be wondering if I plan on competing this year. Actually, I’m not even sure!

Back pose east coast 2014

 Back Pose from My Second to last competition (June 2014)

Front pose east coast 2014

Front Pose from My Second to last competition (June 2014)




At the end of last season, I wanted to take a break and just focus on building muscle. Then I met two great friends at the gym and my gym sessions became more about socializing than about hard core training and that was OK! Life needs balance and I really needed good girl friends to hang out with.

I still kept the idea of competing on the back burner, though. My plan was to try an OCB bikini show in April. Then, I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training on a whim and with all the extra hours and requirements of the training there was no way I could focus on competing.

As I went through my Yoga Teacher Training I realized that the message I wanted to put out there wasn’t so much “you can have a great body if you go balls to the wall and work for it,” but that my message is more one of “be healthy, live your life, enjoy moderation and love yourself.”

I am happy with how my body looks now. It might not be the most ripped or best developed but it is my body and it is capable of doing lots of really awesome things. I want you to feel that same self love and body confidence too!

I am happy I went on the journey of being a bikini competitor. It taught me a lot about my body, my self and how to train for a specific physique. I also met some really awesome people and had a lot of great opportunities as a result of competing.

Right now, the idea of the stage just doesn’t excite me like it used to. So I think I will take a break… until I get the itch again.

Do you compete? Have you ever felt like this?

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