Hi! I’m Valerie!

I am a new mom, a Pilates instructor and an NPC Bikini competitor. I live in the suburbs of DC with my husband and baby Cyrus.

val and cy

I started this blog to share what I have learned about fitness and nutrition by working as a fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, bikini competitor and mom.

I also started it to help me work toward my goals.

Over the years my perspective on fitness and nutrition have changed. I went from just wanting to be skinny, to actually wanting a toned, strong, sexy physique.  As I learned more about diet and nutrition I also learned how to change my body shape. Gaining weight was no longer a bad thing when I learned how to gain muscle in the right spots.I went from ruler shaped to a nice sculpted hourglass. I went from googling “how to get a smaller waist and keep your butt” to actually reducing my waist and sculpting my rear.  Fellow, pancake a$$es of the world take note: I am convinced that anyone has the potential to sculpt their body into shape. I’m ten pounds heavier than when I started my journey but I couldn’t be happier with my progress and with my body.

Please join me as I explore fitness, nutrition, fashion, family and life.

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