A Message From Your Pilates Instructor

Hi I’m Valerie and I’m your Pilates instructor.  Whenever you hate me for bringing out the magic circle or for making you do 89 gazillion lunges, what I want to say is that I push you hard and my expectations are high because I know what you are capable of. I know you’re capable of great things. When you feel like you’re struggling my goal is not to break you down but to show you that you have got a little more left inside you.


I know that sometimes the sensations can get really intense and uncomfortable but I promise you will be so much stronger for doing the work.

Know that it is rare for anyone to be good at something the first time they tried it. You will get better. Not just physically, but mentally as well. Your whole life starts to improve when you start taking care of yourself. So keep coming, putting in the time and work.

Pilates is not just a body exercise, it is exercise for your mind too. It will help you focus and be more aware. You will learn discipline and precision. You will learn to move in a way that optimizes your alignment.

So maybe most importantly I want to say, don’t give up because it’s hard. Don’t give up because you feel like you are not good at it or not flexible enough. Keep coming, keep doing the work and you will be amazed at how you transform.



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