6 Steps to Promote Your E-book

So let’s say I convinced you to try writing your own e-book. Now, once you have it out there in the world, how do you make sure it gets into the hands of other people? This was my first try and I am sure that I will improve things on my next launch, but so far I have been happy with my results.

I found this article to be most helpful and I based most of my strategies on it.

1. Use the kindle free book promotion- My book is available for free on amazon right now. That does a few thing, first it lets me give copies away to friends and family, second, it encourages more people to download it which means more reviews and activity which will hopefully get the book ranked higher on amazon.

2. Contact other bloggers or youtube personalities that have a similar audience as you are targeting in your book. Often times by giving something away that has value they will also gain trust and value in the eyes of their audience for sharing your content.  Make sure your letter to bloggers is relevant and shows that you care about them and their audience.

3. Send e-mails to those featured in your book- If you have featured products or other people in your book, share it with them. They will be motivated to share it with their audience as well.

4. Post on relevant forums- Since my book is about bikini competitions, I posted on BodyBuilding.com and FitChicksUnited.com. You can also try posting on sites that promote free books like reddit, black hat forum, slick deals etc.

5. Send e-mails/messages to friends and family- Who else is going to support you as much as your friends and family? Make sure you include them in your launch so that they can share your excitement with you.

6. Blog Posts & Social Media- Trickle out content related to your book– One day do a facebook post, then maybe the next a twitter post. Have a few blog posts planned that relate to your book. This will help you keep a constant stream of traffic to your book. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags!

I hope you found this post helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions about the process.

Have you ever published an e-book? How did you promote it?

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