1-Day Juice Cleanse Experience


During the summer I had a feeling that my body was completely betraying me.  I had been trying to conceive with my husband. The first obstacle was (sorry TMI) that I kept getting yeast infections. Not only was it super embarrassing to keep going back to the doctor but I felt gross and had to ‘take time off’ from trying to conceive with each round of treatment. After two cycles of trying without success, at last on the third cycle my period did not come. I took a pregnancy test, only one pink line stared back at me- NOT Pregnant. I took one the following day still one line, still not pregnant. I continued this procedure for almost a week with the same results before I went back to the doctor. “Something must be wrong with me,” I complained to her, “I am young and healthy, making a baby should be easy.” And there was the fact that my period hadn’t come– could there be something seriously wrong? My mind immediately went to cancer. My doctor did some blood tests to check hormone levels. She told me she would have the results in a few days.

The next day I woke up with some weird tiny red bumps on my hand. In my mind this was confirmation that there was indeed something seriously wrong with me. Desperate, I decided to try a juice cleanse to see if I could give my body a break in case I was having a bad reaction to something in my diet. I must confess that I am NOT a “juice cleanse” type of person. I don’t believe that our body needs to be cleansed of “toxins” and I certainly don’t think a juice cleanse is a good way to lose weight (you usually end up losing water and then just gaining the original weight + more back when you return to your normal habits). But I thought, as a way to remove possible allergens and as a way to re-set my mindset into one of eating more fruits and vegetables, it would serve its purpose. Plus, as a fitness professional, my clients often ask me about cleanses and I thought that it would be a good chance for me to try it and speak from experience.

Selecting the cleanse: I found the Blue Print Cleanse at Whole Foods, since I teach classes next to whole foods this was an easy choice. Also the juices it came with sounded good: 2 Green juices, 1 Spicy Lemonade, 1 Pineapple Apple Mint, 1 Carrot Apple Beet, and 1 Cashew Milk. I had never tried a green juice before and the idea of having to suck down more than 2 bottles of it made me a little hesitant.


7am My son hasn’t woken up so I am looking at reviews of the cleanse and other people’s experiences. I am tempted to drink the juices out of order but after reading the FAQ on the Blue Print Cleanse website I decide not to.

8:30am I have the first juice: Green Juice.


This is my face:

Juice Cleanse Disgust

That green juice…. EWWWWW

By sip #5 it is growing on me. I no longer gag each time I take a sip and it seems to give me a sense of vibrancy and energy (could just be the placebo affect.)

9am I have a pre-school preschool playdate (a playdate with kids new to our preschool). I tote my still unfinished green juice with me and choke down sips while I make small talk. Surprisingly this is an effective way to drink and by the end of the playdate I am finished with juice #1

11:15 I left the playdate and am headed to the gym where I have an audition for the position of yoga instructor (probably could have chosen a better day to do this cleanse). I am starting to feel a little light headed and hungry. I crave nuts, cashews. Is that a headache coming on? I drink juice #2 PAM, my favorite juice of the day. it is light sweet and refreshing. The surge of sugar gives me a little boost.


12:00 At the audition. Luckily, the headache did not come on. I did my audition and it went ok, the PAM gave me a little energy. Somehow I think feeling light (from the juice) and not bloated (from actual food) worked to my advantage.

2:30 Juice #3. I am driving home from the audition. Ok juice #3 was supposed to be the green juice but I just couldn’t face it again yet so I had the Spicy Lemonade… It was ok. Definitely not something that I would buy again on purpose but I didn’t have to choke it down either. The fact that it was spicy made me drink it slowly. By this time I was feeling light headed, foggy and really hungry. Contemplating eating real food and have to tell myself every few minutes not to “cheat.” I want the authentic experience.


My stomach is growling, my teeth feel acidy.

As soon as I finish juice # 3 I pop open juice #4 (which was supposed to be juice #3). I figured that since I was hungry and there was no real timeline for when to drink each juice it was ok. Also when I drank the green juice in the morning it made me feel full and energetic, whereas with the sweeter juices I noticed a definite crash. So hungry…. Sipping the green juice, can’t finish it due to my gag reflex.


I am home by now and my son is taking a nap so I start watching “Hungry for Change” for a little motivation. While watching, I read the Blue Print Cleanse FAQ again on my iPhone. It says it is ok to take vitamin B12 while doing the cleanse– my lucky day! I have vitamin B-12 gummies! I take two, it takes the edge off my hunger and urge to chew a little.

4:00pm Had some green tea, which is also ok according to the FAQ. My main thought is “Can’t wait for this f@$king day to be over so I can eat…”

4:30pm I’m still only 1/3 of the way through my second green juice and I start having delusions of grandeur. Life is great! Let me just like everyone’s post on instagram. I’m the Oprah of instagram, “and you get a like, and you get a like, everyone gets a like!!!” I think I just lost my mind.

6:30pm It is Saturday which means that it is date night for hubby and me. We are at the movie theater and I thought I brought juice #5 CAB (Carrot Apple Beet). I look in my bag, apparently I left it at home. I’m sure this is brain fog from the cleanse…. I am mentally sobbing. I was so looking forward to that juice… Now I will just have to muffle my grumbling stomach– nothing ruins a moving like a cell phone going off, or a stomach that sounds like a T-Rex.


6:40 Hooray! The theater has hot tea. Hot tea is OK according to the FAQ I have two camomile teas to keep from gnawing my husband’s arm off.

9:00 We just got home from the theater. I still have two juices left #5 and #6: CAB and Cashew milk. I just want to go to bed so I decide to skip the CAB and jump right to the Cashew milk. I was really hoping to like the Cashew milk, but was disappointed. It was satisfying but the taste was just OK. I chugged 3/4 of the bottle and put my son to sleep, exhausted– I fell asleep on his floor. By 11pm I was in my own bed.


The next day I woke up feeling ok but definitely ready to eat. My skin looked clearer and the allergic reaction on my hand was almost gone (although it had been clearing up in the day or two prior). 5 days later I found out I was pregnant and that was the reason for my missed period all along! Nothing was seriously wrong with me and my body was not in fact “betraying” me after all.

Final thoughts on the Cleanse: I am glad that I had the experience. I’m still not a “cleanse” person but I feel that fasting in this way can help reset bad habits, give your digestive system a break and give you a greater appreciation of those who go without. I did like the way the green juice made me feel and although I wasn’t crazy about the taste, I would by it again for the way it made me feel. I would not drink the other juices regularly because of sugar content and taste. Would I do a cleanse again? Maybe! As I mentioned a cleanse can be good for the reasons I listed above, I would never use it as a quick way to lose weight, though.

Have you tried a juice cleanse before? What was your experience like?

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review. Amazingly, I actually went to Whole Foods and spent 60 of my hard earned dollars on juice (Hey there are worse ways to spend 60 bucks, right). Therefore, these opinions are my own.